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Slow Pitch Jigging Rods are here!

If you have heard of the fastest growing and most exciting style of fishing in South Florida, then it's time to get started! Slow pitch jigging offers you the joy of catching big fish on very light tackle with artificial lures. In South Florida common targets are Dolphin, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Blackfin Tuna, Bonito, Mutton Snapper, Grouper, Tilefish and many more. We have several rod options depending on your budget and experience and all of our rods are made of high modulus, Nano Technology Blanks and Fuji components. They are designed and based on some of the best Japanese slow pitch rods available.

Rigging our lures

GT Ice Cream: Extremely long casting, topwater plugs!

GT Ice cream lures originated in South Africa and were made originally for the giant trevally (GT’s) that hunt the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.


The story of the name comes from one of the guys originally prototyping them when he said the GT’s hit the plug so hard and so much, that it was like ice cream to them! With great success in the Indian Ocean, we thought the plugs would work well all over the world.


Our range and sizes of topwaters are deadly on all surface feeding predators. You will experience the most
veracious topwater hits on our lures, ever! If you have the passion for topwater fishing like we do, try one of our lures, you won’t be disappointed.


Check out our Assassin rods!

Assassin RodsWe are the official distributer of the Assassin surf rod from South Africa. These rods complement our GT Ice Cream lures and enable fisherman to extend their casting range. Whether fishing from boat, kayak or the surf, we have the quality rod to suit your budget. From the novice to the weekend warrior, or to fishing professional, we can cater to your requirements. Check out our stock now!

Long casting, artificial lures!

Send us a some photo's of your catch using our products and we may make you famous! We'll post your pic on our homepage above.

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