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Why CID?

South Africa has long since been a rock and surf fishing hotspot. Fisherman there deal with strong winds and high seas, but there many exciting species to target. For this reason, fisherman have to be innovative in order to compete in these harsh conditions. All our products are designed in South Africa by very experienced surf and boat fishing professionals. Cast In Deep USA (CID) has recognized this talent and innovation and brought it to the US market. With increasing technology, especially in surf fishing rods, reels and line, our products are perfect additions to this high quality equipment.  With this equipment, our lures and spoons will cast extreme distances and put you in the strike zone longer. Try one of GT Ice Cream plugs today and see how far you can cast!

GT Ice Cream plugs

The whole series of GT Ice cream plugs feature super strong, stainless steel, straight-through wire construction. All plugs are hand-made with Teflon, will not chip or crack and are resilient to rock damage. The natural white color of Teflon makes our plugs imitate many of the baitfish species out there. Unlike wood, fish teeth slide right off ensuring better hook sets. They are specifically weighted for distance casting and will fly very nicely into a strong onshore wind. The plugs come standard with a braided bleeding stinger rated to 400lbs and a quality, VMC or Daiichi hook. The bleeding stinger has a freyed tag to enhance the look of an injured baitfish.

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