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GT Ice Cream Handcrafted Cone

Perfect for rock based fishing like Hawaii or Montauk.

The GT Ice Cream Cone is an excellent lure for when fish want a slower moving bait on the surface. It has a good side-to-side wobble from the head of the lure and a nice splash that attracts fish.

Each handcrafted lure is made individually with time and passion. This super strong composite plastic hard-bait will not break, even on volcanic lava rocks. This makes this lure perfect for rock based fishing like Hawaii or Montauk.

Product Info:

  • General, all-purpose plug for long surf-casting for surface feeding predators like:  Stripers, Roosters, Tarpon, Bluefish and all Jack species, including GT’s.
  • Works really well offshore for: Tuna, Dolphin and other Pelagics.
  • Best fished at a steady and slowish retrieve.
  • The Cone is the ultimate Bluefish lure and will last a long, long time.
  • Ideal in choppy conditions and works surprisingly well when slow trolled! The bleeding stinger helps keep your fish hooked and has a frayed tag to enhance the look of an injured baitfish.
  • 3/4oz – 1oz : Excellent for Bluefish.
  • 1.5oz – 2oz : Excellent for Bluefish and Striped Bass
  • 5oz – Big fish lure suitable for Tuna, big GT’s big Dorado and other giant ocean predators.


  • Please refer to the Tips section for changing the hook to fish for toothy critters.

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