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GT Ice Cream Handcrafted Skinny

Each handcrfated lure is made indivually with time and passion.

This super strong composite plastic hardbait will not break, even on volcanic lava rocks. This makes this lure perfect for rock based fishing like Hawaii or Montauk.

Each Skinny is indivudually handmade and indestructable. The Skinny is designed for super long casts and very fast retrieves for boat and surf fishing. This is an excellent tuna and striped bass bait as it imitates bait like sand eels and ballyhoo so well. The 3oz is the longest casting plug in our arsenal, so it is a top choice for surf fishing roosterfish from in Mexico.  Don’t be scared of picking up the 4oz. plug either, it will put a hurting on bluefin tuna & giant GT’s! The bleeding stinger has a frayed tag to enhance the look of an injured baitfish. 

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