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GT Ice Cream rigging

Lure color choices

Using lures offshore

Florida Surf Fishing

Working the lure with the stinger system

Very important to remember when fishing these lures with single hook stingers is that the rod should be held either vertically or horizontally at 90 degrees to the lure.  The fish needs to be able to grab the lure and turn to go to enable a good solid hook-set in the scissors. (Keep winding until you come tight) A retrieve with the rod pointing straight at the lure or premature strikes by the angler as the fish tries to eat the lure will definitely result in failure to hook up. 

Tips for rigging

For quick changing of lures try tying your leader to a genie clip. They are inexpensive and very strong.

The Genie Clip

For very long casts when surf fishing, we highly recommend the use of a good, long rod like the 11ft Assassin Amia for 1-2oz lures or the Assassin Spinmaster 2x Heavy for 2-5oz lures. (coming soon) These two piece surf rods are offered at an incredible value. The length and softer tip enable anglers to cast extreme distances with one of our plugs. We have measured the Amia casting a 1.5ox GT Ice Cream Needle Nose plug 150 yards! Add a good reel with the ability to handle braided fishing line and you are in the game! This combination gives you an advantage of others fishing around you, as it will put you in the strike zone much longer.


If targeting toothy critters, we suggest removing the hook and adding a split ring-swivel-split ring-hook combo to prevent cut-offs. The plugs also really work well when a circle hook is added. (See pic below with circle hook and split ring-swivel combo)

As we all know braid and wind don't work well together. Some of our anglers prefer adding a swivel to the front of our plugs. This helps prevent line twists and also gives you that extra bit of protection of preventing cut-offs to bluefish, mackerel and barracuda. (See pic below)

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